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Nepal takes note of Arab News report on housemaids’ plight 19/06/2010

Introduction of Sikles Village, Kaski 12/06/2010

Nepali maids from Kuwait being dumped in Riyadh  26/05/2010

Over two dozen striking Nepalese flown home  25/05/2010

Electricity in Nepal  24/05/2010

India plane crash in Mangalore leaves nearly 160 dead  22/05/2010

From Nepal to Saudi Arabia, Cycling for peace  09/03/2010

Saudi Prince Alwaleed to visit Nepal  09/03/2010

Press Release “The Embassy of Nepal State of Kuwait”  30/12/2009

Army in Politics  21/12/2008 

How is This Love ?  04/12/2008 

Victim of depression in abroad  02/12/2008

The second game was played by Nepal and South Africa 26/11/2008

How to Become Great At Conversational Hypnosis 16/11/2008

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  1. i have read carefully about the present political situation in nepal.what do you think all friends who bring this situation?and why?do we accept what was maoists plan according this papular vedio by our new nepal pm.what they are thinking about nepalies public.what politician are doing in our beautifull nation.it is very sad to write here with this inocent finger.we are abord and we want to see our nation peacefull.we have seen in past 12 year blood all over our country.people dai worsely with out doing mistake.we have to be carefull what the hell this politician are runing the country to through where?why they always accuse other country?dont look other hand if your hand is strong.why parchanda call indian help to solve army trouble inside nepal.then why you are saying to other party that they are motiveted by india or els.anyway we nepalies are tired to read this all bad news.we hope country will be free from trouble and get peacefull nepal.
    god bless you all

  2. Nepal’s Peace Process at the Crossroads
    • Bishnu Pathak, PhD*
    The fluid political situation of the country culminated in the Government of Nepal ousting the Chief of Army Staff (CoAS), Rookmangud Katawal, and appointed Lt. General Kul Bdr. Khadka as Acting Head of the Nepal Army (NA) at 11.30 Hrs. on May 3, 2009. Alleging the executive power holder government’s decision unconstitutional, president Dr. Ram Baran Yadav directed Katawal to continue his office later that day at 23.00 hrs in the name of national interest (without quoting any article in the interim constitution (IC) or the army act. The president’s decision to override the elected Prime Minister (PM) finally compelled Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) to resign from the post of Prime Minister at 4.25 hrs the following day on moral ground. He was appointed on August 15, 2008, four months after the CA elections where PM Girija Prasad Koirala was thrown from the government. PM Prachanda worked for 263 days (8.75 months).
    Resignation Speech
    In his last television address to the nation, Prachanda stated he stepped down aiming to end the dual regime created by the president, which is against the constitution and democracy, and to save the peace process. Excerpts have been given below:
    • “Following the great decade-long People’s War and Jana Andolan, the elections to the Constituent Assembly (CA) been held successfully and turned the country into a federal democratic republic, ending the centuries old monarchy.”
    • “Various national and international regressive and status quo elements are inserting a conspiracy against the young republic, national independence, rapid socio-economic transformation, and development.”
    • “The Maoists achieved the clear majority on the first past the post (FPTP) and became the largest party on the proportional representation (RP) in the CA elections due to its new thought, new leadership for the sake of new Nepal.”
    • “The programs and policies and annual budgets are hindered on various pretexts, but vast sums to villages could not be implemented. It was done because the reactionaries and status quoits within and outside the nation attempted to block a popularly elected government from implementing the progressive agendas and make the government fail.”
    • “Committing on multi-party competitive democracy, federalism, rule of law, human rights, and press freedom, the Maoists have given the highest priority to logically conclude the peace process, draft a popular constitution on time, to ensuring socio-economic transformation, and to protecting national sovereignty.”
    • “The army should remain under the unconditional control of the democratically elected government. The conflict between the elected government and the army not only happened this time but also on Poush 1, 2017 (December 15, 2060) and Marg 19, 2062 (February 1, 2005).”
    • “The elected government gave an opportunity to clarify to the CoAS its duties and responsibilities and took action to remove him from office as he disobeyed the policies and plans of the government repeatedly.”
    • “The Maoists attempted to seek national consensus with parties both within and outside the government, but political crisis suddenly emerged when the president took a blatant unconstitutional and undemocratic move to continue the term of the CoAS against the decision of the executive power holder elected government.”
    • “To raise voice against the move and to take the necessary action, the Maoists urge all democratic and patriotic forces to pressure the president to correct his unconstitutional step and guarantee civilian supremacy over the Army.”
    • “The Maoists are committed to maintain amicable diplomatic relation with all neighboring and other friendly countries, but the Maoists absolutely reject any intervention in our internal affairs. There can be no compromise against the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of the country. The Maoists are not ready to bow people’s heads in front of the foreign masters. The Maoists have ended the culture of seeking out foreigners to attain power.”
    • “The Maoists do not hesitate to leave the government if they have to compromise on peace process, democracy, civilian supremacy, and national supremacy.”
    President’s Move
    The same day, the PM reached the president’s office with his team members to tender his resignation. He asked, “Why did you reinstate the CoAS which had been sacked by the elected government?” He further said that the president had a clear option. If he had doubt, he could ask the Court. The president bowed his head down silently in front of the PM. He was ashamed that the he had reinstated CoAS Katwal at mid-night. His close associates state that the president had a feeling that the PM would go against him instead of resigning. The sudden resignation, accepting liberal democracy humiliates the president severely.
    Police have arrested dozens of civil society activists: Dr Devendra Raj Pandey, Dr Renu Raj Bhandari, Krishna Pahadi, Khagendra Sangraula, Hem Bahadur Bista, and Shyam Shrestha are among 50 demonstrators arrested on Tuesday morning May 5, 2009 from a sit-in (protest) program in front of the presidential palace of Dr Ram Baran Yadav. They entered into the prohibited zones believing that his move to continue the tenure of the CoAS was against the constitution and democracy.
    The CA members of the Maoists have decided not to permit any business of the CA assembly till the President apologizes before the House for his move to reinstate the CoAS. It was decided to protest from May 5, 2009 onwards. Unless the president rectifies his move, the Maoists shall continue theirs, even in the streets. Gradually, the president will find himself surrounded, due to over exercising his ceremonial role guaranteed by the interim constitution.
    At the same time as efforts are underway to investigate way out to the constitutional and political embarrassment soon after the resign of the Maoist-led government, the immoderation of the local sister organizations of the Maoists started disorderly actions towards the opposition parties cadres/sympathizers in various parts of the country while the later supported to the move of the president against the provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).
    Back After Decision
    The Maoists have done a lot of controversial decisions and many of the major ones were reversed. They are: Sacking of the CoAS, Clarification demands of the CoAS, retirement of the eight generals, appointments at Nepal Academy, establishment of united service centers, direction to stop new recruitment, appointment of the priests at Pashupatinath, attempting to sack the members of the judicial council, appointment of the National Planning Commission, and so forth.
    The reinstatement was not the president’s own wish, but it was designed in the interest of foreign forces that believe the Maoists shall impose an authoritarian regime and capture state power. The president seems like a GOTI on a carom board for both national and international forces. Those forces have a deep interest in Nepal due to its geopolitical location, growing trend of communism, and its potential as a shelter of Islamic fundamentalists. Although, the USA wants to see Nepal through the eyes of India, it has a vested interest here to watch India and contain China to stop it from emerging as a superpower.
    With the intensification of the political crises, the political stalwart, Girija Prasad Koirala, of the NC has now shown interest in the presidency again. One section of the NC has already initiated this move and is consulting with the Maoists for their acceptance. Such a force wants the government lead by Prachanda again. The force believes that the Supreme Court shall defeat the president’s move, and he shall resign from his post on moral grounds, similar to how Prachanda did.
    One powerful hidden force directs all their efforts toward reviving the concept of the ‘baby king’ which had been promoted by the then PM Girija a few years back. This group played a pivotal role in nudging the president to go against the elected government’s move recently. If Girija again came to power, either under the title of president or PM, the issue of baby king may for a second time be raised, as a large section of the neighboring leaders encourage for this initiative. Huge sections of the commoners have a clear understanding that, if the UML or NC lead the government, foreign agendas shall crush the demands, interests, and voices of Nepalis more profoundly than in their past governments.
    Even before coming to power, there had been extreme suspicions that the Maoists would attempt to go towards an authoritarian regime and crush liberal democracy. Despite different domestic and foreign forces’ anti-Maoists sentiments, Prachanda resigned on moral ground. None of the governments in the past had easily abdicated state power in Nepal. For instance, PM Koirala time and again stated that he would instantly resign from his premiership once the final results of CA became public. However he did not resign, assuming that once the Maoists captured the state power, they will impose authoritarian regime against the norms, values, and democratic practices. He was compelled to do so, but only four month later after domestic and international forces heavily pressured him.
    Over the resignation on May 5, 2009, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, “It is saddened by developments leading to this resignation”. He urged to encourage the Maoist party’s assurances of its commitment to the peace process, including continued participation in the drafting of the constitution.
    Sacking the CoAS directly by the government was unconstitutional. Again, the mid-night move of the president was seriously unconstitutional. The government shall recommend to the president and president shall hire and fire the CoAS on their recommendation only. Denying the cabinet’s decision, Nepal’s president launched the presidential or constitutional coup similar to the same practice in Pakistan.
    For this reason, the PM’s resignation has already been accepted, but on May 5 the Supreme Court issued a show-cause notice to the president requiring him to furnish written explanations within 10 days. Nepali people do not have trust in the court due to the strong nexus of money, muscle, mafia and politics. The Supreme Court has issued two controversial verdicts in the past. The full bench, headed by the chief justice had accepted the dissolution of HOUSE recommended by the then PM Koirala of NC first, but refused to do it later for Manmohan Adhikari, the first communist PM of Nepal. It is likely to repeat this again, quoting the preamble of the Interim Constitution of 2007 (see box).
    Besides the domestic semi-feudal, semi-imperial, and semi-colonial forces, the strong international political intervention in Nepal is not a new phenomenon. In a six-decade history, Nepal refused the advice of foreign forces only twice – the first proclamation of the then king Gyanendra on April 22, 2006 during Janaadolan II (popular movement) and on May 3, 2009 by the Maoists. Nepal was never a colonial state, but is far from sovereign and independent.

    (*It is my privilege to pay special thanks to Mr. Neil Horning who has contributed to editing this article. I also express sincere thanks to Professor Ananda Aditya, Mr. Surendra Uprety (PhD Scholar), Mr. Devendra Uprety, Mr. Sugam KC (PhD scholar), Ms. Rita Chaudhary, Mr. Ganga Puri and Ms. Meena Siwakoti who assisted in this exercise).

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