Simple Living High Thinking

Dattaram Simple living and high thinking most of the people would like to follow this ideal in their day-to-day life. In olden days people used to go to a forest and eat berries & roots , live in a cottage with this intention only. The names of Mahatma Gandhi, Swamy Vivekananda, Mother Teresa, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Madame Currie, Carlos Marx, Lenin and MaoTseTung and numerous others flash in our mind as soon as we think of this ideal simple living and high thinking. They are the great personalities who led their life in simplest way and who did lot of thinking for the welfare of humanity. Life of every great personality is worth emulating for one or another reason. Every one of these great personalities has left behind their own mark or marks in this universe, which is worth following in our life. Simple living means wearing ordinary clothes, having ordinary meals and tiffin and using a small place to live in even though one could afford or enjoy much more than that. Generally it is restricting themselves only to the basic necessities of life and foregoing all the luxuries of life. They eat to live and not live to eat. 


Human mind thinks interminently and it cannot be idle. Thoughts flow in it incessantly. Thinking is a process. Both good thoughts or positive thoughts and bad thoughts or negative thoughts come to our mind. We should be master of our mind, which is nothing but having full control over thoughts that come to mind .It is mastering the art of replacing negative thoughts that come to our mind by positive thoughts. Ultimately allowing noble thoughts or good thoughts occupy our mind, which give scope for high thinking. High thinking always needs time or leisure, knowledge, experience, patience, will, determination, discussions, clarifications, and guidance etc. to give it proper direction and achieve commendable results. Range of thinking, depends on the individual or personality. Greater the personality, greater would be his or her sphere of thinking. High thinking means always thinking of society, nation, humanity with a view to improve or do well in every respect and thinking a little about themselves. It is having great ideals before oneself and following them too. Always thinking to improve their selves in all respect and in turn attempting to bring about changes in society, which are possible. Many factors like experience, education, knowledge, influence our thinking. Other people try to influence their thinking on us or try to enforce their thinking on us. We should have independent thinking. We should never have biased thinking. Then only we would be able to arrive at correct decisions or have our own opinion or conclusion on any matter. All that which we think or the thoughts that arise in our mind are not practicable or could not be implemented. It is thinking to make the best use of one’s lifetime or make one’s life worthwhile. It is thinking to relinquish selfishness, ambitions and serve others only. It is purely positive thinking. Thinking always good. Thinking of well being of others is a great quality and so is high thinking. Serious continuous thinking generally leads to realization. More we think more we realize. Behind any invention certainly there is thinking. Development, planning, improvement in the standard of living which have taken place in this world are all brainchild of high thinking only. Nothing could be done without thinking. Anything done without thinking may end in a disaster. 


 Thinking capacity of an individual would not remain same through out life span. It generally declines as age advances. So too intelligent quotient, presence of mind etc. Worrying much unnecessarily thereby getting increased tension and falling to medicines effect thinking capacity of an individual and their  general health too. It is not enough that only if our motive is good but also our efforts should be sincere. Any great deed needs sincerity and efforts. An ordinary human being thinks more about himself than anything else. However, it is always better than brooding and allowing the negative thoughts to occupy our mind. If we become servant of our mind our plight would be pitiable. The day when one  starts thinking less about them  and starts thinking more about others, they  start drifting towards greatness. Thinking differs from person to person. That is why opinions differ. But nothing could change facts and truths. Optimists and pessimists are two different types of thinkers. Optimists always hope for the best whereas pessimists always think other way round. Philosophy is another way of thinking. Famous quotes are the results of high thinking of great people. Now-a-days thinking is confined to a subject or two in order to achieve mastery over them. That is specialization only. One ‘s views are formed only because of their thinking. We should not impose our thinking on others. If our thinking were really good, others would accept or follow the same. Imagination is also a way of thinking, which varies from person to person. Anything may change but not the thinking so easily. More knowledgeable a person it is more difficult to change their  thinking. We should argue, discuss and convince them to bring about a change in their thinking.

We should know ourselves fully well before following any ideal. No man is perfect. Perfection is a rare phenomenon. We should try to get rid of our shortcomings as far as possible and should aim at perfection. We should read, listen and understand the great personalities who had devoted and sacrificed their lives for the welfare of the mankind. Though it may not be possible to follow every ideal in our life, which we come across, we should attempt whatever we could. It is not enough if we think high but we should be practical also. But in reality a few people lead a simple life and do high thinking. Most of the people think high of them and either do not think about others at all or do a little thinking. Most of the people are selfish. If we closely observe we would notice that simple living and high thinking is a drama to enact as far as many are concerned. People want to establish their name. Everybody is after fame. With this motive only, people stick to the play “simple living and high thinking” In reality, they enjoy most of the luxuries of life and do more harm to the society than any good. They pretend very well. That is why it seems Shakespeare said that appearances are always deceptive. Most of the religious heads belong to this category. Majority of them have palatial buildings and deluxe cars and ample wealth at their disposal and lead a royal life. They are pseudo bachelors and wear ochre / kavi/white color dress which depict sacrifice. But true colors of majority of them are different. They do not practice what they preach. Innumerable episodes have come to light regarding the ugly illegal activities that take place with their blessings and due care. Majority of them do not renounce the worldly pleasures, which they are supposed to. Businessmen and politicians surround these religious heads. Some businessmen have access to religious funds due to their proximity to religious heads. The career of politicians depends to a certain extent on the support and backing that they receive from these religious heads. It is a vicious circle. It is a coterie consisting of inner circle of religious heads, politicians, and businessmen. Even in educational field religious heads have much influence. Many of them promote educational institutions with the sole purpose of minting money. This has resulted in commercialization of educational system.

Majority of politicians wear simple attire just to give an impression to the general public that they are leading a simple life. They mingle with poor people too until they grow up in stature. Politicians deliver speeches in which they always mention about development of country, eradication of poverty, welfare schemes etc. They pose themselves as persons who work day and night for the uplift of downtrodden. Of course at the beginning of political career many of these politicians do some work just to attain popularity. At the outset such people have a little resources or no resources at all. Now a day’s common man does not believe in any of the words of politicians. Common man knows very well that politicians can create utopia with their vocabulary. Politicians make all the promises in the world before getting elected to any body. But once they get elected, some of them not even look back at their constituency not even once, leave alone attempting any improvement of it or people. They try to enjoy and en cash all the benefits that the elected post bestows on them. They amass wealth. That seems to be their sole motto. They and the people who belong to their inner circle at the most only get benefited during their tenure in the elected post as a result Thus high thinking and simple living of majority of politicians is confined just to woo voters. Their next attempt at the post would be with money and muscle power coupled with caste and communal exploitation or politics.

Social workers are the other people who come under the garb of simple living and high thinking. Here also most of them lead artificial life. Though they are supposed to think and work for the welfare of society without any remuneration selflessly, a few among them follow the suit. A few work tirelessly for a social cause. Large sums of money are generally collected from public for a social cause but only a small portion of it is utilized for the purpose for which it is collected and substantial amount are either diverted for some other purpose or pocketed. World is full of deceit. Honesty and sincerity are dearth of modern society. Thus it is not enough if we appear to be living a simple life and doing high thinking but what is more important is what we are really within. We must change and our attitude must change. Money is not everything. One should realize that their deeds are more important and ever lasting and not their wealth. Dedication and high thinking generally result in great achievements, which last forever whereas perverted intelligence, twisted thoughts, etc are despised by society, and if at all they bring in any success, it is temporary .If at all they bring any success it lives for short duration.

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