Nepalis, B’deshi, Ethiopians Held In Flesh, Calls Business

रङ्गेहात पक्राउ परेकाहरु। फोटो साभारः अरबटाइम्स

KUWAIT CITY, June 28: Five Nepali women and four Nepali men were arrested from two prostitution dens in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area. According to security sources, when the Acting Farwaniya Security Director Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah received information about some Nepali expatriates involved in prostitution in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, a team of securitymen was formed for investigations. They confirmed the information by observing the two suspected flats and sending an undercover agent to the flat where he agreed with the suspects on a date and the charges for immoral activities.

After taking necessary legal measures, Farwaniya securitymen raided the flats and arrested five Nepali women and four Nepali men. They confiscated a number of pornographic movies and materials from the flats. When securitymen checked their details, they discovered that two of the arrested women were reported as absconding. During interrogations, the suspects confessed about their prostitution business, revealing that they gave half the money they earned to a pimp who brought customers to them.

A case was registered and the suspects were referred to the Public Prosecution for necessary legal action against them. Securitymen are carrying out investigations to find the pimp using the information given to them by the arrested suspects. Meanwhile, two Bangladeshi men and two Ethiopian women were arrested for running an illegal business of providing facilities for making international calls through VOIP applications. Securitymen confiscated the telephone sets and computers that the suspects used for the business. The suspects were referred with the confiscated items to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against them.


One response to “Nepalis, B’deshi, Ethiopians Held In Flesh, Calls Business

  1. testa lai Kukur van6 ”F**K” those mans are not Nepali even ladies i can guarantee… maybe they’re bangladeshi either south Indians …. Nepalese are just defaming

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