Nepali Maid Held For Dumping Foetus

KUWAIT CITY, April 2: An unidentified Nepali maid for dumping her fetus behind the house of a Kuwaiti man in Mubarak Al-Kabir, reports Al-Anba daily.A security source said the arrest came when the Kuwaiti informed the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior that he had found a dead newborn baby with bites from stray cats and dogs.The Al-Rai daily added investigations conducted by police led to arresting a Nepali woman who admitted to dumping the baby.The woman said she was on her way to the airport a few months ago and she was raped by a taxi driver.The woman added after she came back to Kuwait, she discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to the baby in the bathroom, put the baby in a bag and dumped it behind the house.


2 responses to “Nepali Maid Held For Dumping Foetus

  1. i hate nepali house maid.coz i read kuwait city,2 april 2013_Nepali maid Held for Dumping foetus..i reall sad about this news guys…

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