Vacancies in Viva Kuwait

Go to –
Click on – “New User Registration” to create username and password
Click on – “Proceed to Create Your CV” to create your online CV
Click on – “Post Your CV” you can also do this once you have selected vacant post to apply at later stages)
Click on – “Search Jobs” to find a suitable job
Click on – “Apply now” button to submit you application

Currently there are 14 positions available (Click on each post to know more about it):
1.         Personal Assistant
2.         Sales Representative
3.         General Ledger Accountant
4.         Business Account Manager
5.         Collection Executive
6.         Indirect Sales Project Executive
7.         Business Account Executive
8.         Collection Manager
9.         Internal Auditor
10.      Corporate Communication Manager
11.      Financial Policies & Procedures Manager
12.      Strategy and Planning Senior Manager
13.      Corporate Communications Manager
14.      Customer Care Director

For more information, please visit

3 responses to “Vacancies in Viva Kuwait

  1. Could you provide me the reply of my question?? Those vacancies which are posted above belong to nepali citizenships or else all nationalities?? i am gratitude to you all…thank you.

  2. There is no restrictions in nationality Kiran Jii.. you can apply any of the post given above if you think you are a right candidate for it…

    Thank you.

  3. Hi, do you have a facebook ID please ?

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