Nepalese Housemaid beaten to death & buried in desert

KUWAIT CITY, May 19:  The Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Abdulnasser Khuraibet, will look Sunday into the case of a Kuwaiti accused of killing a Nepalese housemaid whose body was discovered in the desert in Mina Abdallah.It has been reported the security officers from the Criminal Investigation Department have allegedly arrested a 33-year-old Kuwaiti military man for beating his housemaid to death and burying her body in the desert.The officers rushed to the area after receiving a call from an unidentified person who purportedly found the decaying body of the housemaid.  Initial investigations revealed the identity of the housemaid’s sponsor who is stationed at the navy camp in Bahrain.During interrogation, the sponsor admitted to beating the housemaid to death and burying her body in the desert.  He justified his action by claiming that the housemaid dealt with his children in a violent manner.


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