2.5 billion yearly income from Mt Everest

Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world earns two and half billion of rupees each year. The amount is counted on the base of the money and royalty spent on the Everest by the trekkers and the tourists. According to Tourism Industry general section, one hundred and fifty foreigners have taken permission paying 16.44 million as royalty this year for scaling the Mt Everest. Each mountaineer is believed to be spent thirty thousand dollar on average.

Thus, the mountaineers have spent thirty two crore rupees. The tourists spend a total of thirty thousand on travel fare, hotel, and loader. Summer season is regarded as the best season for mountaineering. Nearly thirty thousand foreigner mountaineers headed towards Mt Everest for trekking each year. According to trekking Association of Nepal (TAAN), each trekker spends one thousand dollar in average. Thus two billion and 10.6 million of rupees is earned through trekking. A total of twenty seven billion was earned through the trekking in the fiscal year 2065/066. The agency that owns the responsibility for the management for scaling the Mt Everest gets five thousand American dollars from each team.

Likewise, the team should pay two thousand dollar for the contract officer separately. Besides this, Mt Everest has offer an employment opportunity to Nepalis through the amount spent in cooking and loading the goods. Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa had atop the peak for the first time in 1953. However, the professional mountaineering was begun in 1980.

Posted by: Raju Gurung

One response to “2.5 billion yearly income from Mt Everest

  1. mt.everest is god gift for nepal

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