4 expats killed at ‘10’ to Iftar


The house (center) where one of the victims was shot.

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 2: Four Asians died when a Kuwaiti police officer went on a killing spree in Saad Al-Abdullah, Kabad and Salmi on the first day of Ramadan. Securitymen rushed to Kabad after receiving a call from a water tanker driver who saw the bodies of two Asians inside a barn that belongs to the family of the alleged killer. The officers immediately launched a manhunt for the suspect, who was arrested three hours later from the Sabah Health Area near the Psychiatric Hospital.

During interrogation, the suspect admitted the crime and told police that he used a shotgun to kill the two Asian barn workers — a janitor and a teaboy, because he found them eating 10 minutes before Iftar. He also informed police that he killed another Asian laborer in his father’s house in Saad Al-Abdullah and one in Salmi. He also tried killing his father’s housemaid — an Ethiopian, but she managed to run to her room before he fired at her. However, the suspect did not explain why he shot dead the two Asians in Saad Al-Abdullah and Salmi, as well as his motive for trying to kill the housemaid.

Security sources said the suspect, who is employed at the Ministry of Interior, is currently on sick leave as he was found suffering from mental illness and was confined at the Psychiatric Hospital for two weeks. The sources wondered why the hospital staff released the suspect, considering that any disruption in his treatment might prompt him to engage in horrible acts.

Meanwhile, other dailies reported that the suspect killed three Indians and caused injuries to an Ethiopian woman. Sources said the suspect asked his wife to leave their house in Saad Al-Abdullah and took their children with him. Sources added the children were in his car while he was firing at his victims.

Posted by: Jay Ale                                                            Source: Arab Times

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