From Nepal to Saudi Arabia, Cycling for peace


By Shahid Ali Khan,

Everyone irrespective of nationality wishes for world peace today. Perhaps this is what has motivated Taslimuddin Shah, a 59-year-old Nepalese, to undertake a bicycle journey from Nepal to Saudi Arabia where he will pray for world peace.

Hamid Ansari, Ambassador of Nepal, speaking to Saudi Gazette, revealed that Shah on Feb. 20 started on a 12,000 km bicycle trip that will bring him to Saudi Arabia in November of this year. After reaching Saudi Arabia Shah will perform Haj and pray for world peace, Ansari said.

Ansari said Shah, a product of madrasa (religious school) education, who speaks Arabic, Farsi and Urdu, has self-financed the trip from Nepal to Saudi Arabia except for the bicycle, which was donated by the Nepal Muslim Ittehad Organization.

The total expenditure for the ‘world peace mission’ will be around $2,666 which Shah is ready to bear, the envoy said.

 “As the Nepalese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, I will be proud to receive the trekker (Shah) when he arrives in the Kingdom in November,” Ansari said.

Riding on his bicycle, Shah will cross the borders of Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Kuwait before entering Saudi Arabia. “It will take him around nine months to reach Saudi Arabia,” Ansari said. – SG // 500){arg.value = arg.value.substring(0,500);iRem = 0;}else{iRem = 500 – iLen;}arg.form.RLen.value = iRem;}
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Source : The Eambassy of Nepal, Saudi Arabia

One response to “From Nepal to Saudi Arabia, Cycling for peace

  1. best of luck? ansari dai

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