नेपाली दूतावास कुवेतको प्रेस विज्ञप्ती

Press Release

Kuwait is in need of many semi-skilled and skilled workers to cater its growing needs. Nepal could highly benefit from this situation. We have a large number of semi-skilled and skilled professionals looking for better opportunities and we can make the employers in Kuwait feel that Nepal is also a storehouse of many young, talented, dedicated, honest and hard-working people who are in much demand in other developed countries as well.

However, the condition of most Nepali workers in Kuwait now is not very good. As most of the workers, mostly women who come as housemaids, have come here in a haphazard and unorganized way, out of ignorance or in an adventure-like situation,  they have mostly landed in troubles for some reason or the other. In view of the present situation of the domestic workers,  under visa category 20 (Domestic workers) and some of the individual categories of workers under visa 18 also, in Kuwait, there is a need for taking few concrete steps immediately; otherwise the problem may flare up further.

We should take measures to immediately control the influx of domestic workers via Indian airports specifically women from different parts of Nepal to GCC countries, Kuwait in particular, without the endorsement of the appropriate Government authorities of Nepal. Rather, they should fly only from Nepal and with the permission of the Government. The system of endorsing any preliminary document by the Embassy in Kuwait first and then by the Department of Foreign Employment of Nepal could be a step in the first place, in order to apply for a Kuwaiti work Visa by a company or an individual.

Most of the workers are now entering Kuwait without any knowledge of the Government of Nepal. At present, unauthorized agents have been alluring the aspirant workers for better jobs, but once they land here in Kuwait, most of them land in troubles; on arrival, they are given by the agents in Kuwait a different job or a meager salary and no other benefits, no suitable accommodation and are forced to engage in long working hours. As a result, the number of run-away workers is increasing.

In such a situation, we can request the Government of Kuwait officially that they should not issue visas to the Nepalis workers without proper verification of the endorsement of the Nepali authorities. The appropriate authorities of the Government of Kuwait, in meetings, have conveyed the Embassy that Nepal may also request them officially to clear the visa of domestic workers from Nepal, only on the recommendation of a registered and authorized Man Power Agencies of Nepal and their counterparts in Kuwait, (who are registered at the Embassy and also cleared by the Embassy each time for each job). These agents should then separately request the Department of Foreign Employment in Nepal with this clearance for other formalities. The Kuwaiti authorities have asked the Embassy to submit the list of approved Nepali Agencies officially.

January 20, 2010

The Embassy of Nepal

State of Kuwait


3 responses to “नेपाली दूतावास कुवेतको प्रेस विज्ञप्ती

  1. Appreciate for most vital step taken by Nepal Embassy Kuwait in devlopment of Nepalese employement.

    All the best,


  2. kuwaitma karerat sampurna nepali dajubhai tatha didibahiniharuko khusiko kuro bhannunai embassy ho…all the best………….

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